ABOUT US Meet the Sues


 The Mary Sues are a trio of geeks who love to create music! After cutting their teeth performing at Renaissance Faires and with caroling groups for over a decade, they put their wizarding hats together and started creating music based on their favorite fandoms.
 The Sues sing in three-part harmonies and play their own instruments: bass, Irish bouzouki and keytar. They perform a mix of original songs and covers of well-known geek anthems. 


Carol (she/her) was very young when she was bitten by a radioactive treble clef, and her life has never been the same. She was very fortunate to grow up in the Los Angeles area, where she could indulge her music bug through singing and playing piano, French horn and handbells.

She spent much of her childhood living in worlds far more interesting than the one she was born into, cutting her teeth on such revered franchises as Star Trek, Diablo, DOOM, Power Rangers, Dragonriders of Pern, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Firefly, Forgotten Realms, before finding her way to tokusatsu franchises such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman and GARO, eventually becoming a regular host on several podcasts about Japanese transforming hero shows.

But Carol was really plucked from the ranks of the mediocre and obscure when in 2008 she was chosen by a mysterious dimensional being to join the band The Merry Wives of Windsor as their bassist, which was especially impressive since she didn’t actually play the instrument at the time. She has since grown to love the band’s primary performance venues of various Renaissance Faires, though she had been wanting to go to one ever since she saw a particular episode of Reading Rainbow way back in the day.

When not singing (or at least having a song stuck in her head), Carol spends her time reading science fiction and fantasy (she is currently working on Dresden Files, hoping to get to the final one right about the time it gets published), watching geeky TV shows and movies, and discussing how Star Trek and Star Wars are really completely different and shouldn’t be compared.



CB (They/Them) CB was born behind the Orange Curtain to a Doctor of Research Methodologies who loves to craft and create, and a former college Linebacker who loves musicals and Star Trek. Consequently, they’ve always been well-rounded in their geekiness, always willing to try something new, but wary to check their sources. CB cut their musical teeth on The Phantom of the Opera, telling their second grade teachers that they wouldn’t need math to be Christine Daae.

While that dream was as short-lived as their hatred of math, CB’s family ensured their geek training was wide and varied, even as they studied musical theater and opera throughout their childhood and college. When they weren’t practicing or at rehearsal, you could find them watching Stars both Trek and War, learning to cook and crochet, finally beating the flying carpet level in Aladdin on the Sega Genesis, and reading fantasy and historical fiction novels like they were going out of print.

But CB really stumbled into their tribe when a chance encounter took them to the Renaissance Faire in 2002. There they found a love for costuming, a tabletop group, and a boyfriend, pretty much in that order. CB stumbled through Ebberon and the Masquerade, learned how to cartridge pleat (but please don’t ask them to), and in 2005,  joined a group of ladies singing bawdy songs called The Merry Wives of Windsor. While they did take a three-year constitutional to Texas, they’ve been singing with the band ever since.

When CB’s not singing, they enjoys crawling for memes on Reddit, tabletopping with their D&D and Mage groups, and raising their three Jawas, one they made themself and the others that came as a bonus with their life-mate.


Kimi (she/her) was formed from the clay of Themyscira and brought to life by the Amazon gods. She took time from her warrior training to participate in musical theatre and a love of music was born. Kimi continued belting show tunes until, as an adult, she decided to work at the local Renaissance Faire. Eventually, she made it into the Merry Wives of Windsor where she successfully wrote many hit songs, taught herself mandolin and performed at venues throughout the United States, including The Grove of Anaheim and The El Rey in Los Angeles, for over a decade.

In addition to Ren Faire music, Kimi has many geeky hobbies. She manages the Happy Jacks RPG Network of tabletop role-playing advice and actual play shows, and can often be seen GMing or playing at their table. In 2019 she started Golden Lasso Games where she publishes tabletop RPGs and story games of her own. Kimi is also a veteran cosplayer who makes her own costumes, and is especially known for dressing up as her hero Wonder Woman. Kimi has used her geek knowledge and costuming skills to contribute to multiple fan-film projects, including the Rainfall Wonder Woman trailer (2013) and in 2015 her original Bombshell Big Barda design was used by DC Comics as the canon design for the character. In 2017, her blog post about the Amazons’ bikini-armor costumes in Justice League went viral, infuriating fanboys all over the internet and earning her mentions in Glamour, The Hollywood Reporter, People, and many other media outlets. She was relieved to fade back into internet anonymity soon after.